Regular Portland Bread wants to change the way you look at bread.  We want to prove to you that bread can be a meal all by itself.

Regular Portland Bread makes a sourdough Scandinavian-style rye bread for busy people who want more fiber in their diet and demand delicious nutrient dense foods to thrust them through the day.  

Our fans don't have time to eat food that slows them down.  This rye bread is different from other types of rye out there because of all the good stuff packed into each loaf like high in omega-3 flax seeds, sunflower seeds, wheat bran and whole stone ground rye flour.  

People all over northern Europe eat just two toasted slices of this style of bread with their favorite fixings and that's enough to keep them going until lunch.  Rye tends to swell in the stomach and gives a feeling of fullness.  This helps control weight and avoid snacking mid-morning.  And if that wasn't enough it's also excellent for regularity.  This is bread that works for you.

Life's to-do list is too demanding to have food on board that slows you down.  Try our bread for breakfast and take care of the bulk of your fiber intake, enjoy the benefit of whole grains and save time making a quick and easy breakfast with Regular Portland Bread.

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